1979 BMW 320 Recall

79V001000 on 10/11/1979
Fuel system, gasoline:storage
09/30/1978 - 11/30/1978
To prevent vapor lock, an auxiliary fuel pump is incorporated in the fuel delivery system. the wiring connections at the auxiliary fuel pump may not make proper contact, rendering the auxiliary fuel pump inoperative. driving under conditions of extremely high altitude, high temperatures, or fuel contamination, with the auxiliary fuel pump inoperative could allow vapor bubbles to form. this may lead to rough engine running and possible engine stalling.
Dealer will have the wiring connections to the auxiliary fuel pump soldered at no cost to owner.
Vehicle description: passenger vehicles.system: fuel; fuel pump connectors.consequences of defect: under certain traffic conditions, engine stalling mayconstitute a potential hazard and can result in a vehicle accident.note: hesitation or rough engine operation during normal driving are indicatorsof vapor lock. if these symptoms occur, drivers are advised to leave thetraffic flow and park in a safe area for 20-30 minutes to allow the engine tocool before continuing to drive.

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